About Dr. Wilcox

Dr. Wilcox
Rex Wilcox, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon in Live Oak and San Antonio, TX

Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon Rex Wilcox, MD, is proud to provide care to patients throughout Live Oak and San Antonio, Texas, as part of the team at Northeast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. 

Dr. Wilcox earned his medical degree from the University of Texas in Galveston. He completed both his internship and residency training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Seeking additional training, Dr. Wilcox went on to complete a fellowship in Sports Medicine, Total Joint Replacement, at the same institution.

Dr. Wilcox enjoys helping those with joint problems. Throughout his career, he also discovered that the work in orthopaedics is never boring – there is always something new in terms of technology or innovative treatments. Dr. Wilcox takes a conservative approach to care and has a great deal of patience, ensuring his patients never feel rushed at their appointments. He likes being able to spend more time with them. Most of all, Dr. Wilcox's hope is to give every patient a good plan of care and good results.

In an effort to stay up to date with the latest developments in his field, Dr. Wilcox maintains memberships with the American Medical Association, Texas Medical Association, and Bexar County Medical Society. He is a certified designated doctor for various work-related exams, including impairment ratings.

Dr. Wilcox's orthopedic nurse is Mari Gutierrez.